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Open up a whole new era of transportation with innovative digital technology.

Welcome to the possibilities of today! Discover ground-breaking, fully networked vehicles that take full advantage of digital connectivity to make your life easier across the board. As a bespoke solution, they provide your drivers with the best possible working environment, ensure low overall operating costs for your company, and maximise your productivity.

All in all: you have a strong partner at your side.

When you need a digital transformation… it’s time to think outside the box

Developing holistic solutions for the logistics and transportation industry requires a whole new way of thinking. That’s why Niklaus H. Waser, Senior Vice President Digital Transformation & Business Models at MAN Truck & Bus SE, challenged 100 participants at a hackathon to come up with innovative digital concepts – and they responded in exemplary fashion.

For example, the winning team came up with the idea of using anonymised truck data to predict the ideal time to service the vehicles and matching this with the times when the driver would need to take a break anyway. The result is optimised deployment times – a clear benefit to any company.

“With our new MAN Truck Generation, we’re setting a new benchmark on the market when it comes to digitalisation. The entire vehicle functions as a state-of-the-art digital platform, meaning we can constantly come up with and offer new, tailored solutions for our customers over its entire service life.”

Niklaus H. Waser, Senior Vice President Digital Transformation & Business Models

The clever way to drive economically.

MAN Perform

MAN Perform analyses all the relevant vehicle data for you to ensure your drivers are driving economically – from the average fuel consumption and the range right through to the use of the cruise control or service brake. Its smart analyses identify and evaluate points where the driving style could be improved, so as to optimise vehicle deployment and reduce wear and tear and maintenance costs.

MAN Connected CoDriver

Want to optimise your driving whilst out on the road? Look no further than the MAN Connected CoDriver training. An MAN ProfiDrive® trainer calls the driver directly in the cab to give them specific tips over the hands-free system. When doing so, the trainer analyses the performance data for the driver and vehicle whilst the truck is out on the road, and provides tailored tips and guidance to enable the driver to drive more economically and safely.